Welcome to a dynamic company

An innovative, growth-driven company, FLAMMIA welcomes dedicated individuals, looking to embrace new professional challenges. Our employees are contributing to existing know-how via the adding of their specialist knowledge, the streamlining and compressing of internal processes and the maximisation of added value along the entire product development process chain in big multi-national companies, as well as in mid-size or smaller providers. Our team is united through a shared business philosophy: the quest to deliver substantial contributions to the success of our clients, all on the platform provided by our ‘Network of Competence’.

To master this exciting task, we are always on the look-out for brilliant minds to share this challenge with us. Delve into the world of FLAMMIA and uncover the opportunities opening up to you in our dynamic environment. Our invitation is extended to experienced practioners, seeking to escalate their career and to talented and dedicated, highly committed new-comers straight form university for whom we fling the door to a promising occupational future wide open.

As an ordinary partner of the Federal Association of Temporary Personnel Services (iGZ), we also offer our customers and staff a large chunk of “security”.

It goes without saying that FLAMMIA has an integrated quality management system with regular audits and ongoing process optimization, fully meeting the requirements specified in DIN ISO 9001:2015.

The agreements drawn up by FLAMMIA also offer a high degree of flexibility. Our customers can choose from four different alternatives as required: personnel leasing or a contract for work and services, an employment contract or contracts similar to those of a private employment agency.

The team at FLAMMIA is looking forward to meeting you!