You are well-prepared for starting out in the business world…

…about to finish your studies in Electrical Engineering, Communications Engineering, Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Systems Engineering, Mechatronics, Physics, Mathematics, Industrial Engineering, Business Computer Science, Technical Business Studies … or have already successfully graduated in one of these disciplines? Ideally, you have been able to gain first insights into the automobile or avionics industries during your studies? Now you are looking for a company that expects of you, no less than you can do, and offers you, all that you expect, in return?

As a university graduate you might be faced with many a question, when deciding on a job and career. Do not hesitate to contact FLAMMIA. Use your chance. We are here to answer the questions that keep you awake, those which haven’t been answered for you at your university. Tell us which skills you acquired, what kind of experience you have, what motivates you and where you want to go – FLAMMIA might just turn out to be the perfect partner when it comes to your career.

At FLAMMIA, you are integrated into the team that suits your specific skill profile and potential best – right from the start. A team that draws on you so that you can tap your specific talents and expertise and that offers you custom-tailored support, opportunity to refinement and space to develop your potential, where you might still lack the practical experience.

If our career section has convinced you that starting your career off with FLAMMIA is exactly what you were looking for, then we look forward to receiving your detailed and persuasive application. In your application you should elaborate – on top of your specific area of study – on your specialisations, internships and experiences as student trainee or working student, as well as your wishes and expectations concerning a future with FLAMMIA.

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