Application Process

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Application Process
Thank you for your interest in us and our current vacancies. We are happy to provide you with a short guide concerning our recruitment process, ensuring a smooth and successful first contact for you – and for us. Following this process closely will make sure that your application is forwarded to the right point of contact within our departments.

Submitting your application file
After submitting your dossier online, you will receive an automatic email of confirmation. Now all you need is a little more patience until we can get back to you with feedback and advice on the next steps.
If more questions on your part arise before we contact you or should you want to supply additional information, simply send an email to

PLEASE NOTE: Should you be interested in more than one of the positions offered, please make sure to state this fact in your cover letter. We would prefer you avoiding multiple applications at all costs.

The Telephone Interview
In most cases we address primary questions directly during a first telephone conversation. This gives you additional opportunity to collect information concerning the position you are interested in. On the other hand, it will provide us with the chance to form a better impression of you.

If this telephone interview is successful, you will be contacted by the corresponding department with details concerning a first meeting.

Job Interview Part I
The first job interview will be arranged directly or during your telephone interview.
It will offer an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and to get to know our company more closely. In this context, we will be able to compare our expectations and agenda/conceptions, talking through them in detail. If we come to the conclusion that we can offer you a more suitable position in a different team, we will forward your application forms to the applicable department.
If you are selected to participate in the next stage of the process, you may have interviews with executives and require a more in-depth discussion of your skills and experiences. Your recruiter will contact you to let you know your status in the recruiting process.

Job Interview Part II
At this stage of the recruitment process, we will have a more in-depth discussion of the project you will be assigned to and you will get to know your future team leader.

Haven’t come across the perfect fit in our jobs database?
Should that be the case, we are happy to receive unsolicited applications from you. Please make sure to include your preferred operational area(s) as well as the position you aspire to apply for. We would welcome you using the application form supplied in our jobs database. This will accelerate registration and handling of your application.