Product Technical Leader/Engineer (m/w) - Ludwigsburg

Job Title:

  • Product Technical Leader/Engineer is accountable for the deliverables of R&D due to ensure the success of the project.
  • He is responsible for the detailed scheduling and budgeting of R&D activities, with support of “metiers”.
  • Product Technical Leader/Engineer is empowered by R&D Manager to manage his/her Contributors.

Your tasks:

  • Apply the specific PDP of his/her PG/PL following CPM (CLEAN Project Management)
  • In charge of the robust design in line with the economical targets
  • Applies Standardization rules, exceptionally will request destandardizations based on sound justifications
  • Support preparation of design reviews (supplier)
  • Interface with the customer for the R&D subjects of the project, break down and cascade internally customer requests and needs in P0 projects, for P1 projects support project R&D PTM on this task
  • Report and escalate to his project manager or R&D manager as needed
  • Contribute to the identification of the needs in terms of resources, equipments, investments
  • Establish detail break down of the activities to meet the milestones
  • Follow activities of his scope to meet his allowed budget
  • Daily management of all R&D contributors, dedicated or not, Assign to them the work packages needed
  • Regular review with his/her R&D manager or R&D PTM and the Metier Department Managers to check alignment between needs and availabilities
  • Manage all R&D PTM tasks for AMG 232 FEM project, if necessary support other AMG projects (e.g. BR206 AMG)

Your Skills:

  • Manage all R&D contributors of the project (CAD, if necessary simulation)
  • Coordinate and decide all technical subjects with suppliers
  • Manage communication with project team and customer
  • If necessary to Affalterbach (AMG) and Bremen (production site)
  • German (fluent), English

If you can offer the theoretical knowledge necessary for a position as a Product Technical Leader/Engineer and you can see yourself in our job offer, then we look forward to receiving your application.